Waiver of Liability

Waiver, Release and Indemnification of Member Waiver of Liability of the Vegans Choice Motorcycle Club (hereafter VCMC)

By joining VCMC socially or as a full member, you expressly agree that said release and indemnification shall extend to VCMC, it’s Organizers, Hosts, Co-Hosts, Ride Hosts, including such persons such as the Tail Gunner and Lead Rider who assume a role during the ride, along with any other persons who, from time to time, shall be involved with, associated with, or participate in any particular ride or other activity involving VCMC.

It is incumbent on each member of VCMC club to be responsible for their actions when participating in any event of VCMC. The rides on which you will take part, or any other event in which you will participate, are strictly events in which you have voluntarily chosen to participate for your own pleasure.

All motorcycles are inherently dangerous, whether as a driver or passenger. Failure to properly operate a motorcycle can result in severe bodily harm, and even death. Even proper operation of a motorcycle will expose you to greater risk of harm from other vehicles.

Prior to participating in any ride with VCMC,you must conduct a self-assessment of your abilities to operate a motorcycle and have an appreciation of the risks involved. VCMC cannot, and does not, assume any responsibility for your participation in any event.

The routes planned for all rides will be on public roads, unless so stipulated. The Host, Organizer, individuals who plan the route, lead the rides, or participate in the rides, cannot and will not be held responsible for your well being or safety during the course of the ride.

At any time or times, you may withdraw from and leave any ride or event. There is never any obligation to continue on any ride or to stay at any event.

Ride routes which are posted are only proposed routes and subject to change without notice. Any times relating to departures,arrivals, intervals, stops for rest, food or fuel, are proposed and are subject to change without notice. If you cannot safely adhere to the proposed schedule,then you agree to not attend.

At all times, safety, whether proceeding to aride or event or participating in an actual ride or event, is of utmost importance to yourself and other persons. If, at any time, an Organizer, Hostor Ride Host, deems your activity to be a danger to yourself or others, then you will be asked to withdraw from the ride or event, and agree to withdraw,without contest or argument.
By participating in any ride, you are agree to abide by all traffic laws and agree not to consume, or have consumed, any substances, prior to, or during the ride, which might affect your ability to carefully and properly operate your motorcycle in a safe and diligent manner. Consumption of illegal substances prior to, or during the ride, is strictly prohibited.

You agree to take full responsibility and liability for yourself, and for passenger, and for any guest that accompanies you.

By joining VCMC on any particular ride, you understand, agree and acknowledge that:
There is no obligation for you to continue in any ride or event. You may, at any time, withdraw from any ride or event.
There is no obligation for you to eat at any venue, which might be suggested or recommended by the ride Host.
When you participate in any ride, VCMC has the right to photograph and/or video record you at the ride, and retains the right to use such photographs and/or video recordings by VCMC, or its Organizers and/or Co-Organizers, in their sole discretion without requirement of any specific permission from you. Such use may include web sites or for commercial purposes.
Permission is granted to take photographs of the ride or event provided such photographs are for your personal use only and/or posted on the websites of VCMC or its affiliated sites. This permission does not extend to video recording. Under no circumstances are you allowed to take photographs, video recordings or other electronic record of other members and to utilize or post those pictures without the express written permission of an Organizer and each of the persons who are in those pictures. In no event will any such photographs or videos be allowed to be used by you for commercial purposes.

If you have any doubts about your abilities, your equipment, the condition of the road, or about having adequate insurance coverage to compensate you for any loss you may incur, you should immediately withdraw from the ride.

All events of the VCMC club are offered solely for the purpose of associating with other club members for the purpose of motorcycling.

The terms of this agreement are in addition to the Terms of Service which you agreed to when you joined Meetup and when you joined VCMC.

When you join a ride or event organized or promoted by VCMC, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms of Service and to this Waiver, Release and Indemnification. You acknowledge that the terms herein shall be binding upon your heirs, executors and assigns.

Thank you for your understanding. Now enjoy the rides, the Comradery, help the oppressed, raise awareness, and grow the club. VCMC