Terms and Conditions

the 13 Rules we follow;

A prospect seeking membership into our global fraternity of brother and sisters agrees to the following Terms, Conditions and Code of Conduct;

  1. The spirit and intent of the club is a positive force spreading knowledge and education to the world about veganism, which is not just a diet. The diet is the byproduct of our education. Veganism is living well, doing the least amount of harm to others both human and animals and the least amount of destruction to mother earth and benefiting our own health in the process.
    1. Least harm as possible however if someone or something is attacking you, you defend yourself in any way you know how. We don’t start confrontations, we end them, will as little harm as possible.
  2. We have Full Members (Patched Members) and Supporters. Full members must adhere to our rules and regulations. Supporters can be anyone but they would be well to know what they are supporting by reading this.
  3. We recognize factory farming as the world’s #1 cause of Co2 emissions leading to global warming, hence this is the focus of our efforts in educating others.
  4. our secondary focus would be to raise money for sanctuaries and other animal advocate groups.
  5. We are bikers first. We love riding. We are about comradery, old school values, our word is bond. If you tell someone you will do something, you get it done. No excuses! And image! Hence we must keep this image intact. No motorcycles under 650ccs are permitted unless they are vintage or custom chopper for instance, which would have to be approved by chapter heads. Under no circumstance while bikes under 500cc be permitted. We prefer classic touring motorcycles. This will better your chances of being accepted into the club. Prospects have already studied our blog, in particular “About the Patch
  6. The patch must be worn on all VCMC Sanctioned rides and events. The patch is a “MOTORCYCLE patch” Not a “car patch”. Don’t wear your patch in a car, unless you are going to pick up your bike.
  7. At this point, there is a one time membership fee which includes your patch should be you accepted. (See Join Us)
  8. We are here to help each other. Educated one another. Remember most of us ate meat at one point or another. Some are just starting on their path of veganism. We want to encourage each other, support each other and those outside the club too. Realise that not everyone may be as advanced as you on their journey. Like those that fall off the wagon for instance, we help them back on. Many love to play basketball. Not everyone is at the NBA level. This doesn’t mean they can’t play.
  9. VCMC is the World’s First motorcycle club dedicated to this cause. It was founded in 2013 by Phil Nicols, with the purpose of showing others that veganism does not change who you are. If you were a biker before veganism, you will still be a biker. If you were an accountant, you will still be an accountant. if you were a boxer, you will still be a boxer. Makes no differnce to you, but a huge difference, literally life and death for the animals, hugh ecological benefit to mother earth and spin off benefit to your own personal health, both physical and mental, when you start to see your core values finally align with your actions. It’s liberating and empowering!
  10. Unfortunately Politics and Religion seem to creep up all the time. We try our best to avoid them both.
  11. We have a policy on leather that needs to be included in these terms. This issue has come up many times and this is how we deal with it; If a prospect or member has leather (anything) from past, they may do with it as they feel fit. Keep it, wear it, throw it out, give it to the homeless etc. Either way it will not change what happened to the animal. Even if the Prospect / Member chooses to buy “vegan” clothes for instance, made from hemp even, this only adds to a need for “more stuff” in the world. It does not change the past. The Past is written and cannot be unwritten. All we are doing here now, is writing the future. Of course we do NOT advocate going out and buying new leather (anything).
    1. Under NO circumstances will a member attach our patch to a leather (anything) Our patch must only be attached to Denim (vest or jacket) A vest could be work over protective clothing in cold weather or on their own in warmer weather.
  12. Understand that veganism is not for the weak of heart. We are warriors. With this new found knowledge, we break down years of walls and lies we were brought up with, some designed to comfort us, most designed to get us on the addiction highway, to keep paying the corporations who profit from the current system. This is old money we are up against and they will stop at nothing to keep their income streams intact. If only they could realize that they could still make money without the cruelty or ecological trashing of the planet. As vegans we see more than the average person. What we see is hard to take. No one wants to see it but it is the truth and there is no escape from it. Remember even the prize fighter does not fight everyday. They train and train and fight, then rest. The warrior needs a tough skin. They will see a lot. They will hear a lot, from animals as well as other nay saying humans. VCMC warriors are resilient. If you want to wear our patch, that’s what is expected of you.
  13. There are many methods of educating people. Some attend protests. Psychology has proved that if you tell someone not to do something, their automatic response is to defend. They dig thier heels in even deeper. However if we can get people to ASK QUESTIONS their minds are already open. They are already receptive to ‘new ideas’. Our patch IS our protest flag! It is already synonymous with our cause. If you don’t have a bike, our merchandise is available to everyone as Supporters of the cause and acts as the perfect conversation starter.

I salute you for your decision in being vegan, being the best you, you can be. I salute you in your efforts to help animals of the future. Animals that have not even been born yet. We are already saving them! I salute you in your efforts to help our planet and better your own health.

Now let’s go rewrite the future!

Phil Nicols, Founder, VCMC