Policies & Requirements


The issue of leather comes up all the time in our club and the policy on it is this; 
We do not advise buying new leather products as this sends a signal to the manufacturer that there is a demand for such products.
Many members however have old leather clothes that predate their knowledge of veganism. What the member does with these is up to them.  Whether they keep them,  sell them or give them away will make absolutely no difference to the past.  We cannot rewrite the past but we can change the future. 
We recommend fixing your patch to a denim vest.  This way you can wear it over a cold weather jacket or over a t-shirt when it is hot. If you don’t have one, denim jackets or vests can be purchased new from various retailers as well as used from second hand stores. Used is likely better since buying anything used is a form of recycling. Saves you money and saves the environment. Watch this…