Policies & Requirements

No Perfect Vegan

* There’s no such thing as a 100% perfect vegan. As much as we like to think there is, there isn’t.  As long as we shall live and perhaps even after death, we will all cause some collateral damage, it’s impossible to avoid.  We are all going to step on ants and splat bugs on her windshields. When we buy anything, it sends a signal to the universe that we need more of that product and  everything we buy,  everything we consume,  everything we use during our time on Earth is going to have some type of collateral offset.  

A simple example is buying an avocado at a grocery store.  You can’t get more vegan than an avocado right? It took machines to maintain the crops, trucks to get them to the grocery store,  the facility itself has to be maintained, heated and cooled. People have to work there,  some of those people may not be vegans so in fact whatever we do creates chain reactions. We realise this however, instead of sweating the small stuff, it’s important that we focus on the big picture and encourage as many people as possible to reach for the goal of being the best vegans, the best versions of themselves they can be.

We don’t have vegan police chasing members around so we cannot assure anyone’s actions however wearing our patch carries a responsibility to our fellow brothers and sisters, animals and the Earth to do the best we can.

Those that take the patch help themselves and others to hold each other to a higher standard.