• Anyone can buy our branded products and support VCMC.
  • If you wish to be a registered supporter, please fill out this form
  • If you ride with us, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Club Waiver (check the box on the form)


A Prospect is a Supporter wishing to become a member. We added this category as a level of security, a buffer zone between Supporters and Members. This gives us some time to get to know who you are and for you to get to know us. No, you don’t have to wear a label that says “prospect”. Think of it more as an internship. 


  • You must fill out this form
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Club Waiver (check the box on the form)
  • You must be vegan to the best of your ability *
  • The Member must have;
    • valid motorcycle licence
    • up to date insurance
    • and a motorcycle in good working order, licensed for the road  
    • in excess of 500 cc’s. 
    • Members must be voted in by majority vote of the council of the chapter they seek to belong to.
    • Pay the membership fee.
    • Accept the policies of our Patch herein; 
  1. Never fix the patch to anything other than a motorcycle type jacket or vest.  Anything extraordinary to typical motorcycle wear would not be permitted. 
    1. Typical motorcycle wear would include such things as denim jackets or vests or other motorcycle wear such as a protective jacket. Rainware or caution vest would not be permitted.  If a member decides to fix their patch too anything not considered normal and three other full-patch members vote against this, said member must remove the patch and put it on something proper or return the patch in good shape to the club without refund,  in which case said member would no longer be a full member. 
  2. The patch is a “motorcycle patch” not a “car patch”.  Do not wear your patch if you are taking the car or any other means of transportation.  We have lots of other attire, such as t-shirts hoodies, jewelry, hats etc. but the patch is made for motorcycles only.
  3. The patch must be kept clean. Do not lie on the ground on your patch, or against anything that might tarnish or damage it. 
  4. The right of being a Member is a licence and is non-transferable, therefore the patch also is non-transferable.  If for some reason the member wishes to relinquish their patch it must be given back to the club in good shape, without refund.
  5. If anyone is forced to relinquish their patch for any reason yet still request to be a Member, said person would require a positive vote from at least three other Member to be reinstated.
  6. A Member cannot support another motorcycle club. There are some exceptions, where a member is also a member of a club that is work related.