Anyone can be a Supporter of the club. You can register with us for free to keep up on news and events. You don’t need a motorcycle but if you have one you can join in on rides with us.

Supporters are encouraged to support the club in any way possible. Suggest events, rides, locations, advocate for veganism and animal rights and help grow the club of course!

Click here for qualifications to become a Full Member.

Do I have to be a Vegan?

Not to be a Supporter. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) does not turn people away because they are drinkers or because they once drank. Most of us ate meat at one point.

If you want to be a doctor, you go to school for it. If you want to learn a new language, you go to school and talk to others, usually in that language.

There’s no such thing as a “Perfect 100% vegan”‘ We are all imperfect humans here. As much as we’d like to believe this it’s impossible. As long as we are alive and possibly after death, we are each causing some collateral damage, emitting a carbon footprint. We are all killing animals and insects if not directly then indirectly, splattin bugs off the windshield, steppin on ants and how many bugs to we kill when cutting the grass for example?  We buy products that cause animals to suffer which may not be directly associated. For instance you are likely reading this on an electronic device. Money you spent on the device, went to corporations that kill animals, or have employees that kill animals. It’s impossible to completely avoid it. 

However, we do expect more of our Full Patched members. Use of this as a “loophole” will not be tolerated in the club by a Full Member. We are here for to create a presence in the community and the world. We are here for Advocacy, Education, Support of members and others that are interested in making a change but need help. 

There are clearly things we can all do on a daily basis to mitigate cruelty to animals and collateral damage to the planet. This is what we have to focus on not the “loopholes”. It’s the spirit and direction of the club that can help make change in this world.

We all strive to be the best vegans we can be and pride ourselves on our commitment to animals who have no say in the matter, to our fellow brothers and sisters and stewardship of the planet. 

People don’t normally associate a motorcycle club with “veganism”. We hope to change that and make veganism “cool” (more than it already is).

If you don’t have a motorcycle, of course we encourage you to to get one because, hey it’s a motorcycle club right? and you don’t know what you’re missin! 

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  • A Supporter of VCMC can join in on rides if they have a bike. They can join in on social meetings if they don't have a bike. If you ride with us, you must agree and comply with the Club Policies and Waiver. This is a good way to get to know us and we get to know you incase you want to become a full patched member, which you have to be voted in, so consider being a supporter as your "prospectship".