A global fraternity of brothers and sisters who love to ride, love the outdoors and aim to keep it that way.

VCMC ride

Think you got what it takes? JOIN US!

read “About the Patch”



In short, here’s what you need to wear our patch;

  1. You must be vegan to the best of your ability. We understand there is no such thing as a perfect vegan or perfect person for that matter. We are all going to splat bugs on our windshields and step on ants. Understand that the difference is “intent”. We do the best we can.
  2. You need a roadworthy, licenced motorcycle, motorcycle licence and insurance. Your motorcycle must be in excess of 650cc. We may make an exception as low as 500cc if you have a custom made chopper or vintage bike but we’re looking for 650 and up.
  3. You must accept our fraternity Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct. You must treat the patch with respect, further noted here in “About the Patch” and accept our waiver of liability.
  4. Fill out the Membership Application form below and
  5. Pay the Non-Refundable Membership fee. $150.00 US.
Full Patched Membership $150.00 US (shipping and applicable taxes will be added)

I, the undersigned accept and agree with the Terms and Conditions of VCMC and hereby request membership with this club. I understand if my application is not accepted, my money will be refunded in full without interest or deduction.
2) I acknowledge and accept, if I decide to leave the club, I must return the patch to the chapter from which it was received in good condition, (normal wear and tear accepted).
3) I acknowledge and accept, my patch may be revoked by the president or acting president of the chapter from which it was received in their sole and unfettered discretion if the Terms and or Conditions of VCMC are deemed to be contravened. In which case, I must return the patch to the chapter from which it was received, in good condition, (normal wear and tear accepted).
4) If accepted I will carry the patch with honor and respect and do my best to do my duty to club, animals, earth and humanity.

Check here for acceptance:

How long have you been riding?
How many bikes have you owned?
What bike do you own now? Year? Make? Model? CC's or CI's?
How many miles do you put on per year?