You have questions?  We have answers.

Q)  “What’s it gonna cost me”?

A) “Social membership” is free. Come out, support the club, you don’t need a motorcycle but we hope you will buy some branded stuff from our store, t-shirts, mugs, etc.

— a “Full Membership” is $100.00 (US) – one time fee. You get a 12inch custom embroidered patch for your vest, cling vinyl logo, certificate of membership.

— You are required accept the club policies, waiver, fill out this form and be voted in by the council. If accepted, you would then come meet us and pay in person. Worst case for those that are not near other patched members, after acceptance into the club, you would send us the membership fee and we would mail you your welcome package.

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Q) You are “vegans” but you wear leather!? (Probably our most frequently asked question)

A)  We don’t encourage it however most of us grew up eating meat. What we did 1 second ago, is history. We cannot change history. It is written cannot be unwritten BUT we can create the future! What we are doing now, at this moment, is creating the future! For our kids, future generations of humans AND animals.

If you already have leathers and give them away, the other person will still wear them and there is no change.

DO NOT throw them out. This is the worst possible indignity to the animal that they came from. Wear them, learn from the past, Educate others when they ask why you still wear them. It’s a good conversation starter which is what this club is all about – education. Maybe this is the silver lining for the animal that had to die, not in vain, but to help educate future humans on this planet.

Some really can’t stand wearing them any longer. In this case, give them to someone, Value Village etc but do not toss them in the garbage please!

HOWEVER there shall be no VCMC patches fixed to Leather vests or jackets. That’s just distasteful. 

If you have the money and plan to buy new, there are vegan motorcycle wear, jackets, boots gloves made of hemp. Google it for now. In future we hope to have a line of them available here through the club.

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Q) How is riding gas powered motorcycles environmentally friendly? Shouldn’t you be riding electric bikes? or electric cars?

A) First, generally speaking motorcycles are more efficient than cars but that aside, let’s say you have a gas car and you trade it on an electric. What do you think happens to your gas car? Unless its ready for the wreckers, it will be resold. The buyer may even use it more than you did, so in this scenario, buying an electric car has only added one more car to the already congested roads. In fact, maybe the car is wrecked but the motor is resold, still out there somewhere, still burning fossil fuels.

The process of building the electric car has also created more demand for new stuff (please see “The Story of Stuff“)

We don’t profess to have all the answers but for sure the best bang for the buck that anyone can do, is to stop eating animals and their by-products. This mitigates cruelty, Co2 emissions leading to global warming, mis-use of land, water, energy, crops that would have been produced for animals could be redirected to starving humans and improve both our physical and mental health in the process.

At any given time, we have 100 billion animals in the factory farming system waiting to be slaughtered that all need to be fed. We also have 1 billion starving people* on earth (*below the minimum necessary caloric levels)   These crops could be used to feed the people and there would be no need for those animals to be artificially conjured up onto earth.

There’s no such thing as a perfect vegan. We will all step on ants and splat bugs on our windshields. There are likely bugs in cereal since there is no way to guarantee 100% that bugs don’t get into the production process. Some other food ingredients may include animal products that we were not aware of…. when we buy something, we have likely helped fund, indirectly, the killing of animals, or contributed to pollution.

The point is to do what we can within our control. If you did something wrong in past, it’s in the past, this doesn’t dictate your future! If you enjoy motorcycling and want to make a positive change in yourself and the world, join the club!

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Q) How do I sew my patch onto my denim jacket or vest?

A) Send it to a tailor. They have special industrial strength sewing machines.

We recommend denim (jean jacket) vests. The vest can go over protective clothing or cold weather clothing or over a t-shirt in hot weather. If you don’t have a jean jacket, you can buy them new but they are usually available in second hand stores as well, Value Village for example, since you are going to cut the sleeves off anyway.

Buy used in general wherever possible! Not only saves you money but puts less demand on ‘the system’. When we buy something new, we send a signal out to the universe that we need more of that item, clothes, cars, houses, electronics whatever – so buy used! It’s a form of recycling!

Once again from above, members may NOT fix a VCMC patch to a leather vest or jacket. You can read more here on the Club Policies page.

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Q) Why Vegan?

A) Cruelty to animals is just the tip of the iceberg!

Vegan is not a diet, it’s not a religion, it’s just about doing the right thing. I personally would not eat my dog. Common sense tells us not to eat other animals either.

  – it takes 2500+ gallons of water to produce ONE LB of “meat”

– 750 gallons to produce ONE LITRE of “milk”

– 55 sf of rain forest = ONE 1/4 lb burger!

– the ENERGY used to produce that 1/4lb burger can power a large SUV over 400 MILES!

– We LOSE 65 acres of RAINFOREST every MINUTE of EVERY DAY due to FACTORY FARMING! That’s equivalent area of England Scotland and Wales combines each year! (check it on a map)

– What we did 1 second ago, is history. We cannot change history. It is written cannot be unwritten BUT we can create the future! What we are doing right now in this moment is writing history for future generations. (I know I said this before above)

read more on our blog about this…

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Q) Do I have to be a Vegan?

A) No! Does AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) not accept members because they are drinkers or because they once drank? Most of us ate meat at one point.

If you want to be a doctor, you go to school for it. If you want to learn a new language, you go to school and talk to others, usually in that language.

There’s no such thing as a “Perfect 100% vegan”‘ We are all imperfect humans here. As much as we’d like to believe this, it’s impossible. As long as we are alive and possibly after death, we are each causing some collateral damage, emitting a carbon footprint. We are all killing animals and insects if not directly then indirectly, splattin bugs off the windshield, steppin on ants and how many bugs to we kill when cutting the grass for example?  We buy products that cause animals to suffer which may not be directly associated. For instance you are likely reading this on an electronic device. Money you spent on the device, went to corporations that kill animals, or have employees that kill animals. It’s impossible to completely avoid it. 

However, use of this as a “loophole” will not be tolerated in the club. We are here for to create a presence in the community and the world. We are here for Advocacy, Education, Support of members and others that are interested in making a change but need help. 

There are clearly things we can all do on a daily basis to mitigate cruelty to animals and collateral damage to the planet. This is what we have to focus on, not the “loopholes”. It’s the spirit and intention of the club to help make positive changes in this world.

We all strive to be the best vegans we can be and pride ourselves on our commitment and stewardship of the planet. 

People don’t normally associate a motorcycle club with “veganism”. We hope to change that and make veganism “cool” (more than it already is).

If you don’t have a motorcycle, of course we encourage you to to get one because, hey it’s a motorcycle club right? and you don’t know what you’re missin! 

  • Please fill out this form to join as a Social Member (Prospect)

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Club Waiver (by checking the box on the form)

  • Submit the form

  • You are a Social Member! Join in the conversation on our Facebook page.

Let’s change the future!

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